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Protecting Animals

There are 3 ways to protect animals from extinction.  

1.  Make them useful for recreation.   This is  done by making animals into pets like dogs and cats.  Also using them for sports like horse racing or other activities.

2.  Turn them into food or other industrial uses.  We eat millions of cows and chickens every year.  As long as we keep eating them farmers will make sure we always have a supply of them.

3.  Hunt them legally.   In America deer hunting is very popular and our hunting laws help control the deer population to make sure we always have a good supply.  In Africa poaching has been the biggest reason why rhinos,  elephants, and lions have been put in danger.  Legal and regulated big game hunting has helped to protect these animals.  The money people pay to game hunt (which averages $250,000 to $350,000) helps pay to protect these animals from poachers and make sure there is a supply of these animals.  The rhino population has went from a low of less that 1000, to almost 20,000. 

Basically capitalism is the best way to make sure we protect animals.

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