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Spiderman: Homecoming

I'm going to be one of those few people that think Spiderman: Homecoming wasn't good.   It was very disappointing and the final end credit might be the biggest slap in the face of fans.  If this is the direction of coming Marvel movies, then I'm looking forward to the rise of DC.  This Spider-Man is very weak and they have made him into a minor character.  What the heck happen to his Spidey sense?  I also didn't like how Tony Stark has this self-rightous attitude as if he hadn't been the cause of a lot of deaths and destruction (Ultron).  And again we see that because of Stark and the federal government another villain rises up to cause destruction.  If we just got rid of Stark we'd have a lot less problems.  The climactic end to me just fell flat and I found myself rooting for Michael Keaton (Maybe that is just because he is still Batman).  Overall a very disappointing Marvel movie and compared to Wonder Woman not even in the same league.

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