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Two Views of Immigration

Liberals believe immigration is a form of charity.  They think our immigration policy should be about bringing in people from poor countries regardless of the person's ability to take care of themselves.  And they want chain migration were one person who comes here can bring their spouse, minor children, adult children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  And then those people can bring in their families.  They think immigration is about the benefit of the immigrant and not America.  And they want these people, so they can keep a poor class that will vote for Democracts for more benefits.

Conservatives believe immigration is to benefit America.  We bring in people from other countries to help our country.   We want people who are coming in to fill jobs in industries that are having trouble finding Americans to fill.  We want the best and brightest from around the world.  We want a diverse immigration population with people coming from both poor and rich countries.  And we should bring in people based on merit and not family status.  The fact is a person should only be able to bring in their spouse and minor children.  They can't bring their extended family.  And people coming into our country should be able to support themselves without government assistance.

Proud Mary

So I just saw this movie to kill time.  What I expected was two things.  First that is was going to be a movie that was targeted to a black audience.   And it started out like some 70's Blaxploitation film, but then it went a different way.  Instead you could have changed the race of the main characters to any race and it would still work.  Second I thought this was going to be another badass women are better and stronger than men action movie like Atomic Blonde.  While our female lead is a badass, it doesn't go too far into crazy unbelievable and instead it feels more like the "mama bear" will kill everyone if they mess with my child.  The movie moves along well and you really want a happy ending.  The acting isn't great and it is a movie that will be quickly forgotten.  But it doesn't rely on a bunch a few, but not a bunch of crude language and no sex.  Instead it is about a child without a family, a woman who is responsible, and how she will stop at nothing to give this child a safe home.  Overall it is an okay movie, that doesn't try to speak to just one audience or try to make you suspend all disbelief.

Net Neutrality is Bad

Net Neutrality is bad and not needed.  I know it sounds good, but really what is ever made better when the government tries to control it?

1.  Before 2015, there was no Net Neutrality.  The internet worked just fine and internet speeds continued to get faster and faster.  Also before 2015, there had only been a couple of cases of internet service providers slowing speeds.  And in the case of Netflix getting slowed by Comcast in 2014, it was fixed between the two companies before Net Neutrality went into effect.  The free market fixed the issue, not the government.

2.  Liberals like to argue that Net Neutrality must be good, because big ISP companies like Comcast and Verizon are against it.  But I can make the same argument against Net Neutrality based on the fact that even bigger companies like Goggle, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are for Net Neutrality.  

3.  We don't need the government to regulate internet speeds, because the free market will do it.  ISPs that slow popular sites like Netflix or Amazon will lose business.  If Comcast starts to slow sites I want, then I will look for a new ISP.  And without Net Neutrality it will create more ISPs.  If every company has to offer the same speeds at the same price for all content, then there is no reason for companies to expand into other areas.  This keeps rural areas from getting more internet providers.  Without Net Neutrality if a company like Comcast starts slowing speeds, then it will open the door for competition.

4.  When was the last time you heard about ISP or moblie companies talking about offering slower speed.  Comcast just increased my speed to 100mbps for free.  Why?  So that I will stay with them. 

5.   From the dailywire.com, "FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai explained how smaller ISPs are struggling as a result of net neutrality regulations:

“Among our nation’s 12 largest internet service providers,” he told the audience, “domestic broadband capital expenditures decreased by 5.6%, or $3.6 billion, between 2014 and 2016.” I ask him to elaborate. “As I’ve seen it and heard it,” he says, “Title II regulations have stood in the way of investment. Just last week, for instance, we heard from 19 municipal broadband providers. These are small, government-owned ISPs who told us that ‘even though we lack a profit motive, Title II has affected the way we do business.’ ”

The small ISPs reported that Title II was preventing them from rolling out new services and deepening their networks. “These are the kinds of companies that we want to provide a competitive alternative in the marketplace,” Mr. Pai says. “It seems to me they’re the canaries in the coal mine. If the smaller companies are telling us that the regulatory overhang is too much, that it hangs like a black cloud over our businesses—as 22 separate ISPs told us three weeks ago—then it seems to me there’s a problem here that needs to be solved.”"

6.  Again from the dailywire.com, "This is bad economics, as Ben Shapiro explained:

Netflix consumes a huge amount of peak traffic bandwidth. That costs ISPs money. Pornography sites consume a huge amount of bandwidth. That costs ISPs money. Were an ISP to push YouPorn to pay fees for its higher bandwidth, consumers of the ISP who did not use YouPorn would be the beneficiaries — they wouldn’t be subsidizing YouPorn. As Alexandra Petri of Washington Post writes, “To use one of those dreaded analogies, if you are constantly driving huge trucks, full of big deliveries of pornography, along a road, why shouldn’t you have to pay more for the road’s upkeep?”

Meanwhile, other ISPs could calculate that they want to absorb the costs of YouPorn in order to carry YouPorn, since YouPorn could refuse to pay the fees to the first ISP. That would be an advantage for the second ISP. In other words, market choices take place, and those can provide options to consumers. Net neutrality would ban such deals."

7.  The reason why the internet has been so great is because we have little interference from the government.   Net Neutrality is Bad, because it isn't based on the free market.

Tax Cuts Work

Tax cuts work.  Wal-Mart announces they will raise the minimum wage to $11.00 an hour, give out bonuses of $200-$1000, increase paid maternity leave to 10 weeks, and give a $5000 adoption benefit.  That is awesome. I predict with Wal-Mart making this move we will see more companies follow especially in retail.

Here are other companies increasing pay, benefits, bonuses and/or charitable giving.  This isn't the Whole list, but a list of companies we all know.

Aflac – increase 401(k) match from 50% to 100% on the first 4% of compensation plus one-time $500 contribution to every employee’s 401(k); $250 million increase in overall U.S. investment.

AT&T -- $1,000 bonuses to 200,000 employees; $1 billion increase in capital expenditures.

American Airlines -- $1,000 bonuses for every employee (excluding officers). The bonuses will total $130 million. AA had 127,600 employees as of Sept. 2017.

Bank of America -- $1,000 bonuses to 145,000 U.S. employees

BB&T – $1,200 bonuses for 27,000 employees; base wage will rise from $12 to $15 per hour; $100 million in charitable donations.

Boeing -- $100 million in charitable donations; $100 million for workforce development; $100 million for infrastructure and facilities

Comcast -- $1,000 bonuses to 100,000 employees; at least $50 billion investment in infrastructure in next five years

Commerce Bank – 3,450 employees will receive bonuses -- $1,000 for full time employees and $250 for part time employees; $25 million in charitable donations

Fifth Third Bancorp – $1,000 bonuses for 13,500 employees; base wage will rise to $15

JetBlue – $1,000 bonus for all 21,000 employees

Nationwide Insurance -- $1,000 bonuses to 29,000 employees; increased 401(k) matching contributions for 33,000 employees

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. -- $1,000 bonuses to 47,500 employees; an additional $1,500 in employee pension accounts; base wage hike to $15; $200 million charitable contribution

Southwest Airlines -- $1,000 bonuses for all 55,000 employees; $5 million additional charitable donations

SunTrust Banks, Inc. – base wage raise to $15 per hour; $50 million in additional community grants; merit pay raise; additional 401(k) contributions; etc

The Travelers Companies, Inc. -- $1,000 bonuses for 14,000 employees; base wage raised to $15 per hour

U.S. Bancorp – $1,000 bonuses for 60,000 employees; base wage hike to $15 per hour; $150 million charitable contribution

Visa – significantly increased permanent contributions to employee 401(k) accounts

Waste Management, Inc. –  $2,000 bonuses to approximately 34,000 employees

Wells Fargo – raised base wage from $13.50 to $15.00 per hour; $400 million in charitable donations for 2018; $100 million increased capital investment over next three years

The Big Sick

The movie is about 30 minutes longer than it needed to be, but it was a good story with funny moments.  What was interesting is to see how it was the Musliam family that were the ones who had an issue with the white girl.  The movie is based on a true story about the actor who is playing himself.  And he does a good job of showing his flaws and his best quality.   Overall a good movie, but too long.


I can't remember the last time I saw a bad Brad Pitt movie.  I enjoy most all the movies he stars in and this is no exception.  The beginning of the movie is like a spy version of Casablanca.  The second half of the movie is a spy mystery thriller and it keeps you guessing.  It is set during WWII and you really feel like you are in London during the air raids.  I'm not sure if the movie ended how I would like, but I still liked the ending.  There was this weird interjection of a lesbian couple that felt forced.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Should have been called The Borning Seven.  Movie took too long to develop, the action was weak, and the characters were forgettable.  I just didn't care what happened.  I think the issue was that it has been done before, but done much better.  I just didn't buy anyone in this movie as an actual cowboy.  They tired to be too funny, with an overall ending that was kinda depressing.  

The Greatest Showman

First this is not a true story.  It is true there was a man named P.T. Barum and he started a circus, but this isn't a biography.  This is a musical with beautiful and uplifting music and a story that is about hope and love.  It is a really enjoyable movie and the music was perfect.  The music fit the story and helped move the story along.   I also loved the story of a great entrepreneur who never gave up and how he did it all for his family.  Hugh Jackman is great and Michelle Williams is strong too.  Jackman is truly an amazing talent with his acting and singing.  This is a movie that you should see in the theater.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This was not the best Star Wars movie, but it wasn't the worst.  Unlike The Force Awakens this movie was more original and took turns that I didn't expect.  Unfortunately, some of the things I wanted to see happened didn't.  My problem with this movie is the same as the first in that I found myself rooting for Kylo Ren.   He is still the most interesting person and I really think in the end he will be the hero.  Overall much better than the TFA, but it still was a little of a disappointment.  And the humor they added into the movie felt really off.

Justice League

I really wanted to like this movie.  I loved Wonder Woman, liked Man of Steel, and after seeing the extended director's cut of Batman vs. Superman I had high hopes for JL.  But it just fell flat.  Instead of getting something like the movies I mentioned above we got Suicide Squad.  A lot of jokes that fell flat, bland action, a big ending that didn't feel that big, and a CGI Superman face that looked like a human Sherk.  The weird thing is I really liked Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Superman.  As individuals they all are really good and I want to see solo movies.  But as a group they just didn't work and Ben Affleck is just so bad that I wish he would've just died.  Overall it isn't a bad movie, but it isn't a good movie.  DC needs to focus on the solo movies and not worry so much about the DCEU.