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Did I Make A Mistake

Did I make a mistake voting for Trump?  This whole Roy Moore thing and all of the Hollywood cases of sexually assault are making me question.   Republicans and especially Conservatives have always been the ones to take the higher moral ground.  We were the ones calling out the immoral actions of Bill Clinton in the White House and even after with the rape allegation of Juanita Broaddrick.  When guys like Gingrich had an affair we moved them aside.   We were the ones that expected more from our elected leaders.

In 2016, Conservatives said what mattered was the policy not the person.   And to some degree I still agree with this message.  But how did we get to a place where Conservatives are defending a man who says he dated girls between the ages of 16-18 when he was in his 30's?  Roy Moore is a creeper and Conservatives and Republicans shouldn't vote for him.  But many will vote for him and many are supporting him.  Why?

I think we know that in 2016 we voted for a very flawed man in Donald Trump.   We voted for a man who had had affairs, been divorced many times, and was most likely a womanizer.  We voted for him because we liked his policies and we liked how he stood up to the media and liberals. We liked that he wasn't a politican.  But did we sell our soul in doing so? 

I think if I had it to do over I wouldn't have voted for Trump in the primary, but instead voted for Cruz.  In the general election I would still have voted for Trump for just 2 reasons outside of policy.  First is that I still think Hillary is a much worse person especially considering how she destroyed the lives of the women that her husband Bill Clinton sexually abused.  Second is because of Mike Pence.  Pence is the moral balance to Trump.  After the "locker room talk" report was released on Trump, I said if Pence left the ticket I would too.  I guess that is still where I'm at.  But I do think we Conservatives made a mistake voting for Trump in the primary.   We should have chosen a more moral candidate in the primary, so that people wouldn't feel like they have to support a creeper like Roy Moore.

Thor: Ragnarck

I've enjoyed the other Thor movies, but this is by far the best and is a top 10 Marvel movie.  You can see the influence of the Guardian of the Galaxy movies and it does a good job of not taking itself too seriously.   The action is good and the comedy is also very good.  Unfortunately the final showdown to me was a little letdown, but overall still very good.  This movie by far did the best job of getting the best out of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Huddleston.  And I loved how they really developed The Hulk.  If this movie is the future of Marvel, then Marvel will continue to do well.

Only The Brave

A powerful film that is not what I expected.   I thought I was going to see a movie firefighters fighting fires, but instead it was more of a tragedy.   It is a sad story that truly pulls at the heart.  The movie doesn't focus on special effects or big fire scenes.  It was a movie about ordinary people who put their lives on the line for others. 

Bump Stock Ban

So right after the Las Vegas shooting there were a lot of gun control advocates calling for more gun laws without knowing the facts or even allowing for a time of mouning.  I know these gun advocates feel that when there is a tragedy like this they must act fast or nothing will get done.  But I actually think this is a bad strategy.  By coming right out with calling for more gun control without knowing any facts just make those that support the 2nd amendment more likely to stand against it.  Instead we all need to learn the facts and then debate the issue.

Based on what I've learned more gun control laws would likely have done nothing to stop this man from his killing spree.  He was going to kill people.  He would have used guns, a bomb, or a truck.  His weapon of choice wouldn't have stopped him in killing.  But the debate on bump stocks is a worthy discussion.

Based on my research and listening to others who are experts in guns the bump stock is used to turn a semi-auto gun into a full automatic gun.  But the bump stock isn't very popular with many gun owners as it doesn't work well and can damage the gun.  Since the 1980's we have outlawed the ownership and sales of full automatic guns.   I think based on this alone if you can buy something that will makes a gun full automatic, then it should be banned under the current law.  During the Obama administration they could have banned the bump stocks, but didn't because they felt it wasn't covered by the current law.  In my opinion either the Trump administration should ban the sale and resale of bump stocks or Congress should pass a law banning the bump stocks. 

I don't agree with confiscating bump stocks, but only banning the manufacturing of new bump stocks, selling of bump stocks, and reselling of bump stocks.

Blade Runner 2049

This is the 2nd movie I've seen this year that I think should get an Oscar nomination for best picture.  The acting is great, the visuals are amazing, and the story is completely new and interesting.  If you haven't seen the first Blade Runner I recommend seeing it first, but you can follow this movie without seeing the first movie.  The movie takes place in a world on the edge of war and questions what it means to be human.  Unlike most movies that deal with the idea of artificial intelligence, this one asks the question if a robot can have a soul.  The movie is a thriller, mystery, and noir. 

How To Ask Questions

American journalism is dead.  Have you ever watch a news conference or watched an interview on tv and noticed how the journalist doesn't ask open-ended question.  Instead they all ask leading open-ended questions.  

An open-ended question is a question that starts with who, what, where, when, why, how, or tell me.  Those questions will get the person you are interviewing to give you answers that aren't just yes or no. An example is "What do you think is the best solution in dealing with gun violence?"  This questions invites the person being interviewed to give their opinion and a full answer.

Closed-ended questions start with words like Do, Can, Is, There, Don't, Aren't, and other words that allow the person you are interviewing to answer with just a yes or no.   An example is "Do you support stricter gun laws?"  Here this assumes only two options.  The person being interviewed could just answer yes or no and not have to say anything further.

What a lot of journalists do today is ask a leading question that is closed-ended.  An example is "Consider all the gin violence, the amount of guns in citizens hands, and the fact of how dangerous guns are don't you agree we need more reasonable gun control?"  Again this question is only asking the person who is being interviewed to answer yes or no, but also it is really just the bias opinion of the journalists.

As a salesperson I find it funny how jouralinsts only ask closed-ended.  As a salesperson we are trained to ask open-ended questions and only use a closed-ended question when you are closing a sale.  But when learning about your customer you always ask open-ended questions.  In reality journalists need to go to sales training and learn how to do their jobs better.

Gerald's Game

This is a great psychological thriller that works on many levels.  You really feel for our heroine and you suffer with her.   And you assume it is going to just be her the entire movie, but instead since we see her mind at work there are a lot of interactions with other people.  There is also a surprise ending that doesn't change the whole movie, but it will give you chills. 

Before Midnight

So I really enjoyed the chemistry of our two stars from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, but I will say in this movie it wasn't as lighthearted.  It seemed to me to be a bit more heavy and instead of a romance it felt like the ending of a romance.   But before it ends we are rewarded and we get a good ending.  While I didn't enjoy it as much as the other two movies, it was still enjoyable.

How Liberals and Conservatives Protest

This issue with taking a knee during the National Anthem isn't about taking a knee in general, it's about doing it against the flag and the anthem.   And thanks to the 1st amendment people have a right to do it legally.  But is it morally right and does it accomplish the goals of the protest?  I'm with you taking a knee to end racism, injustice, and inequality.  Let's take two knees and pray together.  But i can't support taking a knee during the National Anthem.  

When the TEA Party protests were going on during the first Obamacare debates, Conservatives didn't see the need to protest the flag.  That is the difference between conservatives and liberals.  When liberals don't like the actions of the government or politicians they burn or protest the flag and nation as a whole.   When Conservatives don't like the actions of the government or politicians they protest the government and those politicians, while waving the flag and showing love for their nation. 

And look at the results.  The TEA Party movement won control of the House and Senate.  And that same movement helped get Donald Trump elected.  You can dislike the actions of your government and politicians be it federal, state, or local and still love, honor, and respect your flag, anthem, and country.

I Stand for the Flag

My view is that while everyone has the right to free speech and expression, the National Anthem isn't the time or place.  During the anthem we should all be untied as Americans on what is good about us, not divide because of our faults. 

I was okay with what the Dallas Cowboys did on Monday Night Football.  Before the anthem they linked arms and took a knee to show unity.  But then for the actual anthem they stood together and many even held the flag for the National Anthem.  They made their statement while also showing respect for the Flag and the National Anthem.  And while I was okay with it was a compromise, I'd prefer to keep politics out of football and sports in general.  Sports should be a place to get away from politics.   

My issue with the protest itself is first with the guy who started it.  He really didn't have a coherent message except something about inequality and injustice.  But then supports dictators like Castro and Che Chavez.   He wears socks with pigs in cops uniforms.  And then doesn't even vote.  He isn't a role model.

Then you listen to these players who are taking a knee and they are all over the place.  Some are just supporting Kaperneck, some saying it is against racism, others about unity, and still others it is just about how they hate Trump. And I've yet to hear anyone offer any solutions, heard about any NFL organization that has been started, or seen any reports of players going to local police to find out how they can help.

The problem is their message is getting overshadowed by the fact that people are offended at their actions.  Football, the flag, and our National Anthem should be something that unites us all, not something used for political division.

If the NFL wants to continue down this path, then I can't follow.   Football is entertainment, but if it no longer fun for me I can find other ways to spend my entertainment dollars and time.  For me standing for the flag is a make or break issue.   Those that choose to not stand for the flag I wish you well, but as for me I stand for the flag.