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Fish: Play


Work should be a place to have fun and to play.  While there is a time for being serious, work should never be a place without joy. 

The Concepts of Play

A)  What is Play?

            1)  Play is a way to make your workplace more enjoyable.

            2)  Stop taking your-self so seriously and start laughing at your-self.

            3)  Play is a way to create energy that even customers want to be part of.

B)  Benefits of Play

            1)  Happy people treat others better.

            2)  Fun leads to creativity.

            3)  Playing creates energy.

            4)  Work become a reward and not just a way to rewards.

            5)  Customers want to be around people that are fun.

C)  Ways to Play

            1)  Post fun signs saying, “This area is a Playground.”

            2)  Start a joke of the day.  Everyone will be assigned a day they are to bring a joke.

            3)  Add more color and make the environment more interesting.

            4)  Have special awards and outings for all employees to join in.

            5)  Have special sales that our unique and fun to customers.

What does the book FISH say? 

“Don’t misunderstand,”  said Lonnie.  “This is a real business which is run to make a profit.  This business pays a lot of salaries, and we take the business seriously, but we discovered we could be serious about business and still have fun with the way we conducted business.  You know, not get all uptight, but let things flow.  What many of our customers think of as entertainment is just a bunch of adult kids having a good time, but doing it in a respectful manner.
Play is not about goofing off or not working hard.  It is about enjoying your job and creating a place that others enjoy.  

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