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Story Of Welch’s Grape Juice

A young man accepted for the African missionary field reported at New York for “passage,” but found on further examination that his wife could not stand the climate. He was heartbroken, but he prayerfully returned to his home and determined to make all the money he could to be used in spreading the Kingdom of God over the world. His father, a dentist, had started to make, an unfermented wine for the communion service. The young man took the business over and developed it until it assumed vast ‘success.’ He has given literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to the work of missions. His name was “Welch,” whose family still manufactures “grape juice.” —The Presbyterian Advance

Welch’s Grape Juice, now you know the rest of the story. In my church and in most of the Christian churches I’ve attended it is Welch’s purple grape juice that is used in Communion. It is nice to know that even in the smallest of details God is present.

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