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Chuck Baker is Right! Well, I am. What I mean is that my friends always joke that I’m always right (or at least I think I am). The thing is I don’t say anything, unless I know I’m right. So it's not that I’m right about everything, but usually when I speak I know what I’m talking about. My dad always said, “Don’t speak unless you know your right.” This blog includes many subjects like religion, politics, business, movies, sports, and more. On the left you will see options to search this blog, see popular posts, a catalog of posts, and favorite links. Enjoy!

War Machine

So depending on your view of the war on terror you could view this movie two different ways.  You could see this movie as making fun of the military and showing how they have no business in the Middle East.  On the the hand you could be like me and feel the movie shows how clueless the Obama administration was and how if he just let the generals do what needed to be done the war would be already won.  This Is a dark comedy and I loved Brad Pitt.  I found the movie funny and with some good acting.  My only issue was that it seemed to me that the storyteller wanted to be the hero.

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