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Duggar and Dunham

If you were outraged at HBO star and liberal Leah Dunham's admission that she sexually abused her little sister and was a sexual predator, then you should have been just as outraged at conservative Josh Duggar and the Duggar parents. 

But if you didn't have any issue with Leah Dunham or even support her, then you shouldn't have any issue or opinion on Josh Duggar.

This is not about republicans or democrats.  It's about right and wrong.  It's about two people that behaved very badly as teenagers.  They both did something very, very wrong.  But are they the same people today that they were as kids?  I don't know, because I don't know what is in their hearts. I do know that studies show 95% of kids that sexually assault and get help never become sexual predators as adults.  I also know as someone who ran a group home for teenage girls that kids make mistakes and sometimes do really bad things.  But our hope was that as these girls grew up they would learn right and wrong.  And I hope they are not the same as adults as they were ad kids.

Should Josh Duggar or Leah Dunham be role models?   No.  They are both TV stars and nothing more.  So let's not treat them as something more than that, but we have seen Hollywood will continue to praise Dunham.

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